Hostels Accommodation

a. Boys Hostels  : 453 rooms.
· Rajendra Hostel for junior boy students.
· Gautam Hostel for senior boy students and male interns.
· New UG Hostel 151 beds.
b.  Girls Hostels : 151 rooms.
· Sarojini Hostel for junior girl students.
· Indira Hostel for senior girl students and female interns
c. P.G. Hostels : 98 rooms.
· 48 Officers Hostel for postgraduate students.
· New PG Hostel for postgraduate students.
d.  Nursing Hostels : 100 rooms.

Each hostel is under the administration of a warden and an assistant warden. The students manage their own mess in the hostels, which provides kitchen and dining halls.

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